More than just a Drag racing club

Our Mission


Drag Racers united is a social organization dedicated to holding the sport of drag racing to a different standard while   bringing our members closer together.  Our club was established in 2008 when DJ and Gary felt that we should get together and create a club.   We all love the sport of drag racing and are committed to helping one another.  We have members who are not old enough to drive, all the way to ones who have raced the past 40 years!  Together not only do we race , but we serve in the community. We give yearly Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to needy families.  That is just one of the things that makes our organization unique!

Race Outings


We have occassional race outings for our club members and some grudge races with our friends from other clubs.



Under construction


We will be posting updates here for upcoming events.

No upcoming events.


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